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- Dharwell VIP Group -

$9.99 Monthly

Access to Dr. Harwell in a group setting to assist with various aspects of your business including, but not limited to:

  • Business Planning

  • Business Marketing

There's MORE.....

  • Monthly Educational Videos

  • Grant Information

  • Affirmations

  • Exclusive coupons and discounts NOT offered to the public

$9.99 Monthly

***You May Cancel At Any Time***

“You must be willing to do what others won’t do, to have what others won’t have.”
-Les Brown

Dr. Derricka Harwell

Dr. Derricka Harwell is a self-made multi-millionaire in the financial industry who has mastered the art of business.


Becoming one of the most well-respected, highly influential, and opulent women in business, Dr. Harwell has mastered the art of Marketing, Real Estate Investing, and so much more. 

Dr. Harwell's most recent business coaching endeavors have made her millions and created several entrepreneurial millionaires under her leadership.


Dr. Harwell is more than qualified to land you and your business on the playing field of financial success.


How Can I assist you?

Mentorship Program

Work directly with Dr. Derricka Harwell to learn how to take your business from overdraft to overflow!

In this 12-week program, Dr.  Harwell will guide you to conquer heights you never thought possible!

Click the link below for more info.

Private Coaching Call

Have a question or inquiry about your business?

Have an idea and need guidance on how to navigate?

Dr. Harwell's 30-minute ONE-TIME Coaching Call is what you need!

Click the link below to request to book your 30-minute private coaching call for $1,500.

Community Help

Dr. Harwell is dedicated to the betterment of her community.


She has birthed, funded, and runs several programs to ensure such occurs regularly!

Programs, such as The Harwell Jackpot, financially assist those in the community who can't currently help themselves with things like mortgage or rental payments, car note payments, and utility bill payments.

Click the link below for information on the other programs and how to apply.

Group Coaching Program

A 8-week program of discovery in Branding and Business!

Join Dr. Harwell & Special Industry Experts as they assist and build the confidence and skills you need to start or grow your business! 

Group Coaching Currently Closed

Private Facebook Group

Weekly Live Sessions

Access to Dr. Harwell and her Team

Now Available for sPEAKING eNGAGEMENTs

Book Dr. Harwell to speak at your next event!!

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