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First you Learn, then you remove the "L".
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Dr.Derricka Harwell

Dr. Derricka Harwell is an award-winning, best-selling author and CEO at and Derricka Harwell Enterprises.


She is the recipient of two proclamations, one in Shelby County, TN, & one in Milwaukee, WI, for her phenomenal work in the community, declaring May 17th and August 9th to be Derricka Harwell Day.

Dr. Harwell is the proud recipient of an Honorary Doctorate in Philosophy from TIUA, and she's also 2022's recipient of the Presidential Lifetime Award from the 46th President of the United States, President Joe Biden, and Vice President Kamala Harris.


She is the 2023 recipient of the Official Barack Obama 44th Presidential Legacy Lifetime Award presented by Georgia State Representative Billy Mitchell and International Ambassador & Founder of T.I.U.A. Dr. J. Mohair.


Dr. Harwell is the first African American female, self-made, multi-millionaire in the credit repair industry, and she's used her influence and her income to impact communities all across the U.S. powerfully.


Dr. Harwell's impact has received many accolades, including the Top 40 Under 40 Award from Memphis Urban Elite. Using her strong background in the financial world, after working several years in the top financial institutions in the U.S. as a financial Consultant, she has leveraged her company to create opportunities in "lower wealth" communities to provide education and opportunity in otherwise deprived areas for this kind of knowledge.


Her background in corporate America gave her the life experience, structure, and strategic mindset she uses today.


After building her businesses from the ground up to multi-million dollar companies, she now coaches other business owners to do the same.


She has successfully coached 11 small business owners into 7-figure business conquerors.


Dr. Harwell has even devoted herself to being a professor for the 3E programs, where she teaches a virtual financial literacy course for first-year college students and high school seniors conducted on Yale University, Howard University, and Virginia Commonwealth University campuses.


Dr. Harwell is dedicated to improving her community, and she has birthed, funded, and runs several programs to ensure such occurs regularly!


Dr. Harwell has graced the covers of many magazines and has been featured in numerous publications, including Yahoo Finance, Vip Global, Black Enterprise, and so many more.


However, she stated time and time again that her absolute favorite thing to do in life is to be a wife and mother to her 7 children.

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